Christmas Traditions of El Salvador By: Adriana and Esmeralda

Christmas in El Salvador
Members of the family gather together and decorate a Christmas tree. Everyone in the family have traditional dinner together. Choirs and prayer services are held in the churches and cathedrals.
Children celebrate Christmas by bursting fire crackers and flying kites. They are gifted toys and other items by Santa Claus.

Just before saying goodbye to the family, a tradition is to place the Baby Jesus figure as part of the Nativity Scene under the Christmas Tree.
christmas in el salvador
Artifical Tree (6ft) - $150-200
Christmas Lights - $2-6
Garland - 3 for $1
Rope Lights (20ft) - $14
Inflatable Santa - $150
In other words, they are expensive. Things go on sale during the month of December with as much as a 40% discount. After Christmas it's always cheaper (to prepare for the next year).

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Pupusas picture
Pupusas picture
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Pupusas Recipe

Pupusa is a tortilla made of corn flour (masa) stuffed with various things like cheese, pork, and beans. The pupusa is stuffed while forming the tortilla. It is a culinary artform, and not everyone can make them. It takes skill and practice to be able to make them. They are so good! El Salvador Traditions

December is a magical time in El Salvador. Right after the last September rains and the windy days of October and November, a cool breeze and fresh spring-like days fill the atmosphere, announcing that the dry season (summer) is here, and suddenly everything is green, red and full of lights. It is Christmastime.
Christmas is more than just an evening service on the 24th. (That is right, in El Salvador, if you ask anyone about Christmas, they will answer without hesitation “December 24th.”)
The aisles of the supermarkets and department stores are filled with pine scent and artificial trees on sale. If you ever come and visit El Salvador in December, it does not matter if you are from the United States, Canada, France or Australia, you will know … it is Christmastime.

Desserts | Quesadilla Salvadorena
Desserts | Quesadilla Salvadorena

Quesadilla Salvadorena
(Salvadoran sweet cheese poundcake)
Unlike the Mexican snack of the same name, Salvadoran quesadilla is a rich, sweet dessert cake often found in local panaderías, or bakeries. The queso in quesadilla is traditionally unsalted Salvadoran queso fresco, a fresh farmers-type cheese. But parmesan cheese is often substituted.